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Cat Owner Baffled By Strange Paranormal Occurences! Are His Cats Picking Up On Something?

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A cat owner called Adam Ellis is experiencing some strange paranormal occurrences in his apartment. Only, he is not the one to experience the strange phenomena, his cats are! Adam has been tweeting about his cats' strange behavior, which he believes could be an indication of a haunting. Here is the story!

Creepy Dreams and Bedroom Cat Visits


According to Ellis, the strange occurrences started in August. He claims he has been suffering from creepy dreams since August, which coincides with his cats starting to act strangely too. It appears his cats are congregating by his bedroom at the same time each night. Even if you do not believe in ghosts or the paranormal; this is quite strange to say the least.

Ellis has been recording the strange happenings at his apartment. He also claims he is too scared to open the door himself, so he took a photograph through the peephole. He felt like he saw something and caught something on camera. Although the vision is quite blurry, it is impossible to make anything out from the photograph.


In addition to the original video, he has posted lots of updates regarding the odd behavior of his cats. The man in question does seem to want to find a rational explanation for things happening within the home. One of the videos he attempted to explain away as a fly in the home and the cat attempting the catch it, but soon after, he claimed his apartment never gets flies, making it more unlikely.

After numerous tweets, he eventually admitted he believed something has made its way into the apartment. If this is indeed the case, it might be best for him to contact a paranormal investigator to determine if there is something to his story or if these things could be explained rationally. Paranormal investigators get many calls over the course of the year and only a small portion of them appear to be hauntings.

Animals and Their Link to the Paranormal

Ellis' story is not out of the ordinary. There have been many reports of pets inexplicably running scared of something that is not there. Some believe pets have the ability to see ghosts and spirits, even though humans cannot see them. I am a strong believer in this myself, since I experienced something similar first-hand.

If you are a pet owner, and specifically a cat owner, you may have experienced a similar phenomenon as the man in this story. Scientists actually believe that pets can see in ultraviolet light, which in turn paranormal investigators believe could make them see something beyond our own dimension. Of course, this does not necessarily mean ghosts, simply something we cannot see.

When it comes to a connection between pets and the paranormal, I certainly believe this phenomenon requires more research. If there is a link between pets and the paranormal, surely humans could benefit from learning everything there is to know about that link and possibly use it for further research?

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