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Miami Has a New Haunted Hotspot - A Restroom!

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While we usually associate hauntings with ancient buildings and locations such as mansions, cemeteries, and castles, the following reported haunting appears to be quite different from the usual locations where we would expect hauntings. The latest haunting report is not just any location though, since a Hawaiian resident reported a haunting in a golf course restroom!

Is Mauna Lani Golf Course Haunted?

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The report of the alleged haunting was made on September 18, 2018. A Hawaiian woman claims that she has encountered some strange occurrences while going to the restroom adjacent to the dining room of the golf course.

When the woman left the table and entered the restroom, she mentioned she experienced a creepy feeling, leading some paranormal investigators to believe the woman may have a limited psychic ability. Paranormal investigators also believe this is why she experienced the events to follow.

During her visit the golf course restroom, she alleges to get an instant tightening of the chest; this happened almost immediately as she entered the restroom. She noticed the second stall in the restroom was closed and checked underneath to see if anyone was occupying it. However, the stall appeared empty. Shortly afterwards, she heard a wailing sound coming from inside the restroom. The noise appeared to increase in intensity. Yet, she continued on and used the third stall in the restroom.

According to the woman, the wailing sound became too terrifying at one point, prompting her to flee the restroom immediately. However, before she had the chance to leave the restroom, she felt something coming after her. She also heard footsteps, which suddenly stopped when she turned around.

Even though this experience would stop most of us from using the restroom again, the woman would later return with her husband, forcing him to enter the restroom and listen for strange and unusual noises. While they could not detect any further unusual incidents, she did notice her charm bracelet had broken.

Considerations and Analysis

We must mention that the woman in question wants to remain anonymous, so fame or attention are certainly not factors in her coming forward with this story. The woman is adamant about her experience and admits herself it may sound crazy to some people.

While there could be a logical explanation for the wailing noise, the footsteps and instant eerie feeling the woman experienced are harder to explain. I am sure some paranormal investigators would be more than happy to look deeper into this matter.

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