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A Truck driver's dashcam catches a ghost on Highway 87, sparking a frenzy in paranormal interest;

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During the footage on YouTube, there were several comments that reported similar incidents along highways. One person remarked that the highway in question, route 87, was “incredibly creepy” at nighttime.

A video which has hit over 1.7 million views on YouTube shows a truck driver's dashcam footage of a ghostly figure walking along Arizona Route 87. The interest in the footage has sparked a debate over the supernatural and hauntings along highways in America.

Back in March, truck driver William Church was driving late at night when his dashcam captured a white figure standing on the side of the road. Church, whose truck was traveling between Phoenix and Payson, was near the 200-mile mark when he noticed something resembling a person but with a “bright glare.” Later, when he checked his dashcam, it confirmed what seems to be a white ghostly figure.

The truck driver said that there “Were no other vehicles on site” and “you (could) see the lines on the road through the figure's legs”.

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Historical Ghost On Highway 87 Still Haunts

In 1926, US Route 185 was formed and extended from Route 85 in Cheyenne north to Orin. In 1936, it was changed to the southern extension and realignment of the US 87. This originally ran from the Canadian Border at the Piegan Border Crossing. In 1934, it was routed via Glacier Park, and then in 1945 extended to the current northern terminus in Havre, Montana. The route is 3215 km long and runs through five states; Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. In the early '50s, a Maricopa County supervisor named Jim Hart, who had a cabin in Payson, persuaded the Salt River Pima and Fort McDowell Yavapai tribes to give up a diagonal right-of-way across their reservations. That's how the highway got its name. The shortcut made it a beeline from Phoenix to Payson.

Route 87 has been the centre of many missing people over the years, the first one back in the 70’s, when a hitchhiker was reported missing and has never been found. Most recently was the discovery of twin brothers, who were shot and set on fire along the Beeline highway. Other incidents along the beeline part of Route 87 include; A shooting spear in 2017; James David was arrested after killing one and leaving several injured. In 2022 an 18-year-old; was charged with killing four people after causing an accident along the highway.

During the footage on YouTube, there were several comments that reported similar incidents along highways. One person remarked that the highway in question, route 87, was “incredibly creepy” at nighttime.

Another was quoted as saying;

“Seen a ghost standing next to a small drainage bridge. We investigated any accidents in that area when we got home and a guy died in a car accident a day before at that location. The picture in the paper showed the guy in a red shirt and blue jeans. When we saw the apparition, it had a red shirt and blue pants. Real freaky”

While another comment went on to say

“Most definitely, he caught a spirit apparition. If you look closely, you can see what looks like a foot that appears first, then the rest of the body. That stretch of highway has seen so many accidents with fatalities. Sometimes when you die, suddenly, your spirit is stuck in that place where you died. Driving down that stretch at night around 3 am is really creepy, and I have seen stuff like this alongside the roads. There is so much stuff we can't explain.”

The clip has started a discussion on the many incidents that have happened on highways all across America. Many paranormal activities happen during the night in these places. None of the comments or reports confirms the sighting as a ghost, but many suggest that they agree with the truck driver's conclusion.

It is apparent from the comments that there is still much debate about paranormal activities in general. It would be interesting for media outlets to report more on these sightings. There is a correlation between incidents of horrific deaths and paranormal sightings. With many missing person reports, deaths by car accidents, and murders happening along Route 87 and other highways, this should be investigated further. Have you seen the ghost on highway 87? We want to know.





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