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Ghostly Encounters - How Do You Know?

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Most people believe encountering a ghost is seeing a white specter right in front of them. However, most ghostly presences manifest themselves in less obvious manners. While there have been reports of full-blown spectral apparitions, most people will encounter smaller signs of a ghostly presence. Here are some of the most common!

Changes in Temperature - Questionable Ghostly Presence

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One of the main signs that a ghost may be nearby is an unexplained temperature change. Ghosts are commonly associated with a sudden drop in temperature, which can be quite dramatic and noticeable.

When paranormal investigators attempt to determine a ghostly presence in a room, they will often do so by using temperature measurement. If a drop in temperature is determined, they will look for any obvious reasons why the temperature may be dropping before concluding you have a ghost in your home.

Objects Moving without External Interference

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Moving objects could be another indicator of a ghostly presence. Whether it is a plant pot being knocked over on a regular basis or even objects going missing from your home, they could be a sign of a ghostly visitor.

Once again, there can be other reasons why objects seem to fall without any obvious reason. For example, homes that are near busy roads can encounter falling objects due to road vibrations. These are all things that will be taken into consideration by paranormal investigators.

Unexplained Sounds

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One of the most unsettling signs of ghosts can be an unexplained sound in the suspected haunted area. While you may believe these unexplained sounds are rarer than some of the other signs mentioned here, they are quite common.

Unexplained sounds can manifest themselves as footsteps, knocking, laughter, and sometimes even a voice. Some paranormal investigators will see these as residual energy, while others believe it is an attempt to communicate.

Unexplained sounds can be scary, but they do not always indicate the presence of a ghost. Many reports are made in older homes, but often these sounds are due to older water pipes in the home, making unusual noises. So, before a paranormal investigator can tell you your home is haunted or not, other explanations for unusual noises will be ruled out first.

Unusual Smells Could Be A Ghostly Presence

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Another common sign of a ghost in your home can be an unusual smell. Contrary to popular belief, these smells are often quite subtle and often associated with a loved one you have lost in the past. For example, if your uncle has passed away and he was a heavy smoker, you may detect a faint smoke smell in your home, even if you do not smoke yourself.

Of course, some unusual smells can be explained away. Thus, encountering a strange smell in your home is not immediately a sign of a ghostly presence. If you encounter a strange smell quite often, it is always best to rule out more common causes first.

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