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The Most Reverend Lyn Gibb-de Swarte, an Extraordinary Medium.

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On Thursday 14 March 2019 it was my great privilege to have interviewed on my radio show. The Most Reverend Lyn Gibb-de Swarte. Lyn gave gave evidence from Harry Houdini.

Ly Gibb de Swarte

A most distinguished career

Lyn has had the most distinguished career in whatever she seems to have followed whether that’s been as an ice skater, author, journalist, and editor of Psychic News for seven years.

Starting the “New Christian Spiritualists Society” being a mental and physical medium as well as a healer. There is also astounding evidence from Harry Houdini.

Mediums are constantly on trial

I was blessed to have read her front page article in Psychic World in the March issue 282, about one of my favourite subjects. “Mediums are constantly on trial”.

Mediums are constantly on trial

It is sadly a fact that we have to constantly prove ourselves because those in power (Although governments etc spend millions on this proven gift.

Weaponize spiritual gifts

Why not weaponize it like everything else they can lay hands on, and use remote viewing to “get one over” on other governments.

In this I fear they will never beat the Chinese as not only are they very spiritual because of their nature. There are so many talented people to choose from! That’s perhaps for another day.

Skeptics are very quiet now

Thankfully, so many of the skeptics are, and have been very quiet for a long time. Now as hard, proof, scientific and otherwise, has mounted up to such a degree, that it is quite probably humiliating now to try to prove otherwise.

It is amazing to think that Spiritualism, unlike any other religion, can be humiliated by the constant accusations of fraud. There is some, but not as much as you may think. People are not stupid.

There has always been a barrage of “fraud” and bashing of mediums too, to “prove it” and no other religion is berated for its view. Again the difference is that we can prove it, that there is life after death.

No cries for other religions to prove life after death, why?

We do not hear cries of “prove it” thrown at the Catholic church, Islam, Buddhism or any other religion. Why is that? Possibly because there would be such a backlash. I mean, how dare they attack religion?

I do think that because we can prove life after death, and that communication is real whether you go to a medium.

One of the very many ways of connection, or indeed take the scientific route, that is in itself (for some) a very dangerous thing for people to understand.

If for example, people can see that ultimately we are free… Wouldn’t free thinking create carnage? For the few ruling classes I mean?

Spiritualism under fire because it can be proved?

Lyn’s article covered The Witchcraft Act, and the fact that Helen Duncan was tried under it. Lyn describes how many Spiritualist mediums were hauled in front of the courts under dubious charges.

There is another fascinating thing that came out of the interview and the newspaper article in PW. Lyn was involved in the last official Harry Houdini seance of the 20th century. It was filmed by an Italian company, and never ever aired.

I do have my own theories about that which run in the direction that as Harry Houdini, (without being named by Lyn), provided substantial evidence that he was there, that skeptics and the like would never want it to be shown. That is my theory.

Houdini himself gave evidence under his real name of Eric

For about an hour Lyn gave information about the escapologist and illusionist that she received via her helper on the other side, Doris Stokes. Houdini himself who spoke to her as (his real name) Eric.

Lyn explained, that Houdini wanted her to say that “It was all done by mirrors” several times as the séance drew to an end. Lyn flatly refused as she knew that the audience were all professional magicians and mirrors were their stock-in-trade for many.

In the end Lyn agreed and said “the gentleman who is here wants me to say that it is all done by mirrors.

At the end Sydney Radnor, now in spirit, gave a very positive speech that included reference to the seance, which did surprise her.

Mr Radnor stated that he had ordered gifts and “they were not to be opened until “you got home”. They had been created by a craftsman in great secrecy.

Unsurpassed evidence from "Eric" in the statement about mirrors

Sydney, passed around the boxed gifts. Lyn did wonder at the praise of the curator of the Houdini museum whose stage name was Rendar the Magician. She later learned was trained by Houdini’s brother.

When Lyn got home she unwrapped the present, which was a small replica of magicians triple mirror, which allowed a reflection of an object making it seem to appear and disappear magically.

Proof again Houdini was present

It was proof again, that Harry Houdini was present and that his intention to reveal was itself evident.

This is another reason why I have my theory. The seance was never mentioned anywhere and as I stated the film was never aired or shown.

I dare say that skeptics would not appreciate the evidence produced that night.

The seance was never mentioned anywhere

It is of course dangerous evidence to those who would hold the truth from us.

Lyn is also an author and has written the brilliant “The Spiritualist’s Handbook.”

Which is a concise and extensive guide to Spiritualism and all its Practices.

Should you wish to know more you can contact her at these web sites.

http://www.newspiritualistssociety.com and www.lynguestdeswarte.com and you can find her too on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-02byAqQ7U and her youtube channel too.

Light, always,