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Our Most Reverend Lyn Gibb de Swarte’s Evidential Messages from Harry Houdini

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It was my great privilege to have interviewed on my radio show, the Most Reverend Lyn Gibb de Swarte, who gave evidence from Harry Houdini.

Image: www.lynguestdeswarte.com

A Most Distinguished Career

Lyn has enjoyed a most distinguished career in whatever path she followed; from ice skater and author to journalist and editor of Psychic News for seven years.

Being a mental and physical medium and healer, she founded the “New Christian Spiritualists Society.” She is also known for presenting astounding evidence from famed illusionist and escapologist, Harry Houdini.

Mediums are Constantly on Trial

I feel blessed to have read Lyn’s front page article in the March issue 282 of Psychic World about one of my favourite subjects: “Mediums are constantly on trial”.

It is sadly a fact that we often feel that we have to constantly prove ourselves because of those in power, despite governments and other institutions spending millions on covertly weaponizing proven psychic and spiritual practices.

Reverend Lyn’s article also covered The Witchcraft Act and the fact that renowned physical medium Helen Duncan was tried under it. She describes how many Spiritualist mediums were hauled in front of the courts under dubious charges.

Skeptics Are Quieter Now

Thankfully, many skeptics have been quiet about the concept of life after death for a long time. Hard evidence, scientific and otherwise, has mounted up to such a degree over the years, that it would probably be quite humiliating to try to prove otherwise.

Unlike other religions, it is amazing to think that Spiritualism, can be repeatedly humiliated by accusations of fraud. Yes, there have been some instances but not as many as people may have been led to think.

Spiritualism has attracted a barrage of unwanted fraud allegations and medium bashing, with repetitive calls to “prove it.” No other religion is so berated for its views. But perhaps that’s because we can prove that there is life after death.

No Cries for Other Religions to Prove Life After Death. Why?

We don’t hear cries of “prove it” thrown at the Catholic church, Islam, Buddhism or any other religion. Why is that? Possibly because there would be serious backlash. I mean, how dare they attack religion?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Spiritualism can and does prove the reality of life after death, and that communication with spirit through skilled mediums is most certainly real and supported by science. That in itself may be considered by some to be a very dangerous thing for people to understand.

If people can see that we are ultimately free with god given, inherent rights … mass free thinking would most likely create potential carnage for the self-appointed ruling classes.

Rev Lyn Recalls Harry Houdini’s Last Official Séance

Houdini Image, Canva

Another fascinating aspect of the article was that Lyn was involved in the last official Harry Houdini séance of the 20th century. It was filmed by an Italian production company but never ever aired.

My personal theory is that Harry Houdini (without being named by Lyn) provided substantial evidence that he was there but skeptics and the like didn’t want the footage to be shown.

For about an hour, Lyn conveyed information about Houdini that she received via her helper on the other side, Doris Stokes. Houdini himself spoke to her as Eric (his real name).

Lyn explained that toward the end of the séance, Houdini asked her several times to say that “It was all done by mirrors.” Initially, she flatly refused, as she knew that the audience members were all professional magicians, and mirrors were the stock-in-trade for many. But she eventually agreed and said, “The gentleman who is here wants me to say that it is all done by mirrors.

At the end, Houdini Museum curator Sydney Radnor, now in spirit, gave a positive speech that included reference to the séance, which surprised her. He also stated that he had some gifts to share and “they were not to be opened until you got home”. They were created by a craftsman in great secrecy.

Unsurpassed Evidence from "Eric" in the Statement About Mirrors

As Sydney passed around the boxed gifts, Lyn did wonder about the praise she received. Sydney’s stage name was Rendar the Magician and she later learned he was trained by Houdini’s brother.

When Lyn got home, she unwrapped the present. It was a small replica of a magician's triple mirror which allowed the reflection of an object and made it ‘magically’ appear and disappear.

This was another form of proof of Harry Houdini’s presence and that his intention to reveal information was clearly evident.

Why the Silence Surrounding Houdini’s Presence?

The seance was never mentioned anywhere and as I previously stated, the film was never aired or shown. I dare say that skeptics would not appreciate it if the evidence produced that night, came to light.

It is of course, deemed as ‘dangerous evidence’ by those who would prefer hold the truth from us.

The Spiritualist’s Handbook

Lyn is also an author and has written the brilliant “The Spiritualist’s Handbook,” a concise and extensive guide to Spiritualism and all its practices.

Should you wish to know more, you can contact Lyn Gibb-de Swarte via these links.

Her website www.lynguestdeswarte.com and her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-02byAqQ7U .

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