Ouija Board Dangers - Should You Play?

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I get a lot of questions on this, so here I go. Are there Ouija Board Dangers, or is it just a toy?

ouija board dangers
Ouija Board

I loved my Ouija board and found one in my Grandpa’s basement hidden behind his tool boxes at 14 years old. How was I to know this innocuous object would cause so much turmoil, which today has echoed the thought in my mind "If you play, you pay".

I learned this after using it for 5 weeks.What started as fun became something more and sinister. It started to do many wild things, like moving by itself, telling me what to do, which lead to a very dark path. I got so flipped out one night, my intuition told me to burn it. That was the only way I thought I could rid the spirits with malicious intentions and to banish them.

Ghosts, Malevolent Forces and Ouija Board Dangers!

If you don’t believe in ghosts or malevolent forces, you really have no business using an Ouija Board. It’s marketed as a toy, but it really shouldn’t be used as one. Many believers in the supernatural use them to call to spirits or talk to dead loved ones, and many professionals in these fields won’t touch them at all. Why?

You call one in, you call them all.

Many, think it’s a toy only to find out there are Ouija Board dangers and you are opening yourself up to a whole lot of creepiness and evil when using them. Look at the history of possessions, many of these occurred from the use of this. They generally become highly addictive and one cannot stop the use. It’s as if it calls to you, to play more. Sometimes, non stop for hours. That’s what happened to me.

So, while it can seem like a fun game to play, here are some reasons why Ouija Boards shouldn’t be played with:

  • It’s Not Really a Toy I think you’re better off only using this “game” if you’re going to take it seriously and understand the fact that you could reach another plane or some dead people with it. As well as the repercussions it may bring.
  • You might learn something you don’t want to know.
  • It can reveal information you don’t want to know. If you really do get in contact with a spirit they may give you all kinds of information you’ll regret getting.
  • You could become possessed
ouija board dangers
Dangers of the ouija board

Messing with spirits can put your well-being and your life in jeopardy. There are documented cases, (possession) of ghosts, demons, spirits of ill intent after using Ouija boards. Whether that was the catalyst for their issue and whether or not they were possessed and not pretending may not be able to be proved (and even if proved, some people still wouldn’t believe it), it still should be a warning to be careful.

You may release spirits into your home

even if you don’t get possessed using the board. That doesn’t mean that you won’t let loose some kind of bad spirit into yourself, or your home. Spirit boards are believed to be portholes to other dimensions, and who knows what you’ve made contact with. You may start to hear strange noises, things may start to move around in your home without anyone touching them, and electronic items may even start working on their own.

Spirits lie don’t believe every word that board tells you either. Ghosts and demons lie. Just because the spirit board tells you that you’re talking to your grandma doesn’t mean that you actually are. They are tricksters giving you just enough information so you believe.

My Para File Conclusion

Personal thoughts on Ouija Board Dangers from my own experiences of course. My clients, who reach out to me have the same common denominator. They found one, or got one as a gift. Some have even said that one had just appeared in a cubbyhole, basement, or attic in there house, even some at the top of a garbage can. All, explain feelings of an evil presence, or unexplained phenomena, even sickness or bad luck. Most even are at the starting of IOP. If you have one, burn it. Do not desecrate it, throw it in the trash. As I’ve said, BURN IT. Say a prayer as you do this.

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