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Rail Excavations in England Could Cause Major Hauntings

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It is not uncommon for paranormal activity to happen when remains are disturbed; this does not solely include excavations at graveyards, but also those of the railway system. According to British paranormal investigator Mike Brooker, England could be facing a major problem due to cross-rail excavations.

Railway Excavations at Cross-Rail Two

Credit: Express

Delayed railway works could become a real paranormal problem, at least according to Mike Brooker. He believes the excavations will cause some major hauntings and disturbances in the area, which are situated on one of London's busiest railway lines.

“There’s one thing that will disturb spirits or ghosts, that that is the excavation - that’s why you hear when people start renovating their homes, and then you hear that they’re experiencing paranormal activity. It’s classic." - Mike Brooker

At the time of this article, no unusual paranormal activity has been reported along the excavation sites. However, Brooker believes it is only a matter of time before restless spirits cause havoc.

Accidents and Crashes

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One of the UK's busiest roads - the M6 - is also one of the most accident-prone roads in the country. Brooker believes that paranormal activity in the area is to blame, especially between junction 16 and 19.

Over the years, lots of paranormal activity has been reported along the M6; this includes anything from phantom trucks to ghost hitchhikers, and even Roman legionnaires. Brooker believes that traffic victims haunt the area, but also 2000-year-old ghosts from the Roman Empire. It is believed the location of the M6 used to be a Roman burial ground. Excavations and works executed in that location is believed to be the cause of regular ghost reports and paranormal activity.

" They get to that certain point between 16 and 19 and they're hearing the clanking of metal, they can smell offal or wool burning and the sounds of noise." - Mike Brooker

Further Investigation

Credit: Evening Express

Even though the paranormal activity at the M6 is not taken seriously by government officials, it is quite serious for the locals. The area is often referred to as the "Cheshire Bermuda Triangle", referring to the high numbers of accidents occurring in the area.

Brooker has vowed to investigate the case of the M6 further, but also warned locals and commuters about possible paranormal activity hitting the railway excavation sites soon. Unfortunately, these sites are enormous, which makes it a lot harder for investigators to look into any reports.

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