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Critical First Steps For Psychic Beginners

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There are some critical first steps that all beginners need to embrace if they want to expand their psychic abilities. Simply noticing these experiences won’t help someone to cultivate and gain the control they need to put this useful skill-set into action. It takes dedication and direct effort, but where does one begin?

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Step One - Exploring The Scientific Foundations

Many budding psychics aren’t even aware of the existence of scientific research regarding psychic-based phenomena. Without this critical knowledge, it can leave them feeling confused and doubtful about the validity of their experiences. By exploring the scientific basics, one can gain a sense of confidence and understanding that will make the developmental process far easier. So where does one find this scientific information?

Despite the lack of mainstream acknowledgement, the academic study of psychic phenomenon is actually considered to have been formally created on February 20th, 1882 when the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) was founded by a group of distinguished scientists, thinkers, and scholars of the time (Irwin & Watt, 2007). In the 1930’s, J.B. Rhine began psychical research in the U.S. while working at Duke University. However, he replaced the use of the phrase ‘psychical research’ with the term parapsychology - meaning above or beyond psychology — and it is this terminology that still defines the field today.

Budding psychics need to know that within the parapsychological field, there is ample research supporting the existence of psi – pronounced as ‘sigh’ and being the scientific term used for psychic functioning. And it is here that the beginner will want to start their pursuit of knowledge. The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), The Society for Psychical Research (SPR), The Parapsychological Association (PA), The Institute of Noetic Sciences, and The Windbridge Research Center all provide quality scientific information. They each offer written materials, classes, events, and/or videos - all geared towards the academic understanding of a wide range of psi-based experiences. The Rhine Research Center also regularly offers an excellent course entitled Introduction to Parapsychology. It truly is an outstanding class to help beginners learn the scientific basics.

Step Two - Taking The Initiative

I have encountered countless people who want answers about their psychic experiences, but when asked what they are doing to solve those issues, they admit to having done nothing. This brings us to the second critical step of taking the initiative. There are, however, a variety of good reasons for why someone is not taking the initiative towards their psychic development. For example, fear and confusion are common reasons for not moving forward, as are a lack of time or discipline. In addition, some people are merely curious, putting psychic development far down on their priority list. There’s nothing wrong with this decision. It’s a personal choice. But in reality, without a burning desire along with effort and dedication, one will rarely get far in any area of life unless there is a willingness to truly set aside the time to make things happen.

Psychic Experience Evaluation

In order to evaluate this step, take some time to make a list of all of those issues that are preventing forward momentum in one’s psychic development. And be sure to be brutally honest when making the list. No one else is going to see it. In other words, if ‘lazy’ and ‘unmotivated’ are reasons for not developing, then that’s perfectly ok. This simply indicates, that at least for now, perhaps one’s psychic development needs to go to the wayside.

With a completed list of those issues that are preventing one from taking the initiative, the next step is to tackle one item at a time. For example, let’s look at confusion as this is a commonly reported issue. With confusion as the theme, make a more extensive list of everything that is confusing about psychic development; how to practice, who to trust for assistance, where to find a community, uncertainty about personal skills and experiences, etc. By breaking down the topic of confusion into smaller bites, these then become action steps that can be addressed one at a time. And by doing this, you are now taking the initiative. Yes, perhaps it seems a slow and maybe even irrelevant process, but by getting to the root of any resistance, one starts the path towards resolution.

Documenting your psychic experiences

Step Three - Documenting Psychic Events

The third critical step for psychic beginners is to pull out a pen and paper and to document any and all potential events. No matter how silly they might seem, if there’s something odd, extraordinary, synchronous, or weird that occurred, then just make note of it. It only takes a few minutes each night to jot down anything that took place during the day. Or, document it as soon as it happens. Either way, do this regularly for a few weeks, ideally a month, until there are a fair number of documented experiences.

Use a Psychic Journal

Remember to list as many details as possible for each event. These can be helpful later – indicating patterns and uncovering tendencies towards certain psi-based experiences and/or skills. By its nature, psi is often incomplete, symbolic, and deeply intimate in nature. This means discerning personal meaning and deciphering one’s unique way of psychic functioning. For example, some individuals are very prone to seeing colors with each of those colors having unique meanings just for them. Others may hear song lyrics or movie titles or see animals or designs. These symbolic psi-based impressions will have different meanings for different people, so finding the clues and patterns as they pertain to YOU is all that matters. This involves documenting and making note and discovering insight over time - as well as patience!

In addition, a willingness to embrace psi enhances its frequency! By documenting and journaling, you are not only noticing psi but also encouraging it to take place. This notion is supported by the work of Gertrude Schmeidler who demonstrated through her research that belief in psi created positive results, while disbelief actually discouraged results – even above statistical chance. She coined this variable as ‘the sheep-goat effect.’ So, by embracing psi, even through something as simple as journaling, you can start to pull in more experiences to help hone-in on your particular psychic skill-sets.

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Step Four - Learn The Psychic Language

The fourth critical step towards psychic awareness is to learn some basic terminology and language as it relates to psychic functioning – ideally from reliable resources. As previously discussed in step one, parapsychological organizations are a great place to start. There are, however, two drawbacks to these scientific organizations. First, since they are so academically oriented, some of their material can be rather confusing and overwhelming to the general layperson. Secondly, they observe and study psychic experiences from the outside looking in. This means they provide a very important objective look at psychic experiences but may be lacking in actual personal experience. For these reasons, it can also be very helpful to search out reliable paranormal resources as well as qualified psychics and mediums who have an understanding of parapsychology.

A well-trained paranormal group should understand the scientific basics surrounding parapsychology. This allows them to help someone wade through their confusion, offering clarity, resources, and guidance for further education. I won’t address the various aspects of finding a good paranormal group at this time. Just remember to ask them about their experience and training and how they plan to offer assistance. Far too many groups base their techniques and assistance on methods developed from television and know nothing of parapsychology. However, there are also plenty of quality field investigators out there. These folks can be very helpful in providing education and awareness for those having psychic experiences.

The Use Of Psi

In the same way, a well-qualified and experienced psychic or medium can also be extremely helpful. These folks offer personal experience and insights that academics often just can’t provide. Because psychics and mediums have ‘walked-the-walk,’ they can be a great resource for honing-in on what is psi and what isn’t, what it feels and looks like, explaining fears and resistances, discussing spirit visitations from an experiential perspective, as well as offering a basic vocabulary. It is important to explore not just the science, but also from those who are already utilizing the skill themselves.

While the ability to verbalize and speak the psychic language may not seem relevant to development, try to think of it this way. Let’s say that someone goes to school to learn how to work on cars. Before they can succeed they need to learn the various car parts, the way the parts function, and the tools that are required for working with those parts. This means learning the language and tools of the trade in order to become successful. The same applies to the psychic world as well - learning the language and tools of the trade leads to success.

Put it together

Summary: Put together, these four steps are all designed to help individuals get started on exploring, understanding, and expanding on their psychic experiences. Perhaps they don’t seem very glamourous, but learning the science, taking initiative by identifying resistances and finding solutions, documenting personal psi-based events, and then learning the psychic language and tools of the trade from a variety of reputable resources will all go a long way towards making the process unfold.


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