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Harry Houdini and the afterlife, proof at last?

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Harry Houdini was a very prominent man during and after his passing. His passing is one of great interest because of his feats in proving or otherwise the one great thing that none of us escape.

He was SO well known during his life for many things, including his great stamina and fitness. His ability to even pick locks with his feet. Lock picking and the great ability to weave and to create magic. Performing all kinds of feats astounding one and all.

Houdini had a very scientific mind capable of working out the most baffling of tricks. Escapism was his forte. Houdini turned his great mind onto that other great mystery, the survival of death.

I believe that he wanted to personally help solve this mystery for mankind.

Does popularity breed contempt?

With the popularity of the afterlife, so few good mediums, money to be made, it was inevitable that such a rare gift” would, of course, be exploited. So many skeptics have so much to lose, reputations for one, for another it would show how little in fact we know.

I find it incredibly ironic that with scientists, skeptics, world leaders having so much to lose - control for instance, including their reputations, that they have ruined many a good reputation trying to save their own, which is as untrusted as ever. Sir William Crookes (the scientist) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Paine noted as the greatest Englishman ever and driven from England in fear of his life for his belief in the afterlife, and who became a great man and founding father of the USA, Even Abraham Lincoln, the list is considerable.Sir Arthur ConanDoyle, Thomas Paine noted as the greatest Englishman ever and driven from England in fear of his life for his belief in the afterlife, and who became a great man and founding father of the USA, Even Abraham Lincoln, the list is considerable.

Nettie Colburn and Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln himself had his own experiences, a prediction of his own passing for example. A Medium called Nettie Colburn wrote her book “Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist” for example.

So in this period of great hope, a wonderful discovery of the afterlife, many fraudsters made money in replicating simple party tricks for those who sought comfort. It was in this atmosphere that Houdini, a great magician himself of course, sought his own truth and perhaps wanted to bring this wonder to the world. He was ideally placed to do this. Perhaps this is why so much action from skeptics was concentrated on him and Beatrice his wife?

Regrettable, Houdini only found fraud after fraud and this, I suspect, also screened him from those who were genuine.

Uncovering fraudsters is to everyones benefit.

It is good that fraudsters were uncovered it is still a problem today. Eventually Houdini made the famous statement (I paraphrase here) That “If anyone could escape death and come back to prove it, then the greater escapologist ever would”

It has been of great satisfaction of skeptics when Houdini did come back to the complete satisfaction of his wife Beatrice, that she was hounded unmercifully until she had cracked and signed a statement to the contrary.

It is, and should be, to the great shame of those who have such ego and craving for power who performed such an act.

Beatrice Houdini’s statement.

harry houdini

In the end, Beatrice made the following sworn statement below. Testifying to the greatest truth we shall ever learn... that we, as a form of energy go on to much greater worlds. That the truth of this is and should be world changing, it should be of great comfort. It is to man’s shame of course that it is not announced from the rooftops so that we can all truly be free. Understanding the key fundamentals of this would stop many wars and attrition that this world faces.

A question to ask world leaders.

So many world leaders are religious and I would ask them one question solely. “If you truly believe in a God, do you think he would endorse your actions and moral stance in what you do?”

I know that so many would. I know that so many would not be stating the truth.

This is a signed statement from Beatrice Houdini. It is confirmation that Harry Houdini did come through as he promised, to prove that there is life after death.

Because of its prominence of Harry Houdini’s public promise and the promise kept by skeptics to suppress the truth and have often said that this never existed or that it was retracted which would play in the skeptics hands.

Why would Beatrice would ever write this conclusive confirmation, as stated, as witnessed and given in secret by Harry, and repeated by the medium, as solemnly promised, would ever be denied?

Beatrice Houdini Sworn Statement
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