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My Ultimate Encounter With A Demonic Princess

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Many people tend to fear, shun or pointblank deny the reality of demonic, low frequency entities. As a former spiritual scaredy-cat turned unwitting advocate for a ‘better the devil you know’ approach to life, I understand how they feel. However, the more I learn about other-worldly lower realm work performed by highly experienced spiritual warriors such as authentic shamans and other advanced healing practitioners, the stronger and more optimistic I feel about everything. Basic dark occult awareness has also given me a sense of having access to an upper hand in battles between good and evil and useful tools to help me protect myself and keep my personal frequency safe and strong.

So it’s probably no coincidence that I recently connected with a courageous spirit releasement practitioner called Dawn. She commented on a video I posted about the hidden world of black magicians, and later said she nearly deleted it because it sounded so crazy - even to her. Fortunately, I understood where she was coming from primarily because of my shamanic studies with the highly respected and experienced Peruvian curandero (healer) don Oscar Miro-Quesada. He also enlightened many of his western academic peers about the reality of ‘daimonic’ dimensions at various universities and institutions in the USA.

After learning more about Dawn’s other-worldly adventures and most intriguing line of work, she agreed to share an overview of her experience on PDN. There’s a saying that we aren’t given more than we can handle, and I have to say that I can’t think of many people who would take on such a task and survive to tell the story.

A Particularly Bothersome Entity

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As a spirit releasement practitioner for 15 years, I had been privy to a good many entities and situations. But all that training and experience couldn't have prepared me for the ultimate demonic encounter of my life.

I received a call from another practitioner who said he had a request from a client to remove a particularly bothersome entity. The client stated that others had tried to assist but backed off or had no effect. The haunting was still present and couldn't be removed.

So, I decided to give it a go. Other practitioners and mediums reported that the entity was a female, older and really stubborn. They also said she might be a witch that passed over because she had a small dog as a familiar.

I gleaned as much information from them as possible before taking a closer look, stumped as to why no one could remove the female entity along with her little ‘Toto’.

Face to Face With A Succubus

I accessed the client’s apartment building via remote viewing to see if I could find out what was going on and yep, there she was. Some had seen her as a most beautiful woman, highly seductive and persuasive, while others saw her as an old, old woman. When I first viewed her, she used both disguises on me but then I looked further and saw the shape shifter for what she was, a succubus - half human, half demon.

The practitioners were right. She was not budging. She had firmly planted herself in that spot and was not giving it up. I had no idea at the time that the client was involved in the military and being stalked. He also had ties to the music and porn industry. And I didn't know that succubi are drawn to these types of personalities or that victims are also highly mind controlled and abused from an early age. This is often what attracts the attention of these kinds of energy.

Why Few Practitioners Take on a Succubus

When I reached out to shamans, healers and other practitioners for advice on how to remove a succubus, the answers were, " you don't" and "don't get involved". They seemed either spooked or concerned, and didn't elaborate on their experiences. Having never encountered this type of demon before, I had nothing in my personal experience to either deny or confirm what they were saying.

I remote viewed again and confronted the succubus in the astral. We talked, and I thought we had come to an agreement. She would leave and not return. I told her that we would battle should she choose to renege on our agreement. But a short while later, she returned.

Ordinarily, the client tells me the entity is back and then I proceed to go in with guides and forcibly remove them without much trouble. This was totally different. My normal response is to maintain equilibrium and complete awareness as to my actions in the astral. But what happened next was a first, and the only time that I sensed she was there again without being alerted by the client. I went directly to the building in the astral, with a strong sense of the client being in abject danger. The client had already survived an attempt on their life by poisoning and I felt the absolute need to protect and act quickly or the client might end up dead. Or worse. The client risked losing all control and becoming the walking dead. Like the elites. Soul gone, sucked out and tortured, or used to feed others.

The Showdown To End All Showdowns

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My sense of danger heightened as I entered the building and then something absolutely incredible happened without me influencing the events. I went into full on warrior/shaman mode and was thrust out of my body and into the position of an observer watching my now fully armored astral body going through the apartment in hunting mode.

I went straight through the apartment to the bedroom and there she was. She spotted me and hunkered down into a stalking mode with one hand on the floor. She looked at me with incredible hate, and hissed.

My last words to her were, “You were warned.” And she was dealt with.

When All Hell Breaks Loose - Literally

At the time, I had no idea that this succubus was a princess in her realm. When my actions were discovered by her family, all hell broke loose in my world. Nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. Ghosts, demons, hell hounds, black magic, UFOs - the works. I found myself under attack in both covert and not so covert ways. I won a lot of battles but took on heavy, heavy damage and eventually became so ill that I could no longer work or maintain my business. I spent two years in bed, almost dying twice. I was brought back to life by unseen helpers (my guides). At the time I was not grateful to them for their assistance. In fact, I was angry and thought how dare you bring me back to endure more of this hell!

Who would believe all of these things were happening because I unwittingly eliminated a demonic princess? Even I had a hard time wrapping my head around it and it was happening to me. I tried to enlist the help of other healers that understood the dynamics involved but they either couldn't or would go only so far before they got skittish. Some told me outright that it was too dangerous and I was on my own.

Advice To Potential Succubus Hunters

Today, however, I am grateful to my guides, as I found my way out of that dark hole of no return and came out stronger, faster, smarter and a whole lot wiser. Today, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything because of the lessons learned and the knowledge gained. I know myself and what I can accomplish and also know my limits. And these gifts are actually the only thing you can take with you when you leave this realm.

What advice would I give to another practitioner if they came to me and asked, how do you handle a succubus? My response would be, you don't. Should you decide to take it on, be ready to fight for your life in ways you never imagine. And if you live to tell the story, you will have gained information and wisdom beyond your wildest dreams. It is such a rare experience that most won't believe, while a few will envy you, having no idea how hard you had to fight or how much courage you had to summon. Should you decide to fight the good fight, get ready to touch the stars and truly understand who you are and what power you hold. And how incredibly loved you are by the universe.

Can the Love Frequency Play A Role In Removing Entities?

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After reading Dawn’s compelling story, I was reminded of how some military veterans use remote viewing to send love vibrations to the enemy to change their vibration until they are vulnerable enough to be taken down. I asked her if she has used the love frequency in her line of work:

Love does work if you are dealing with humans. What I do now is address the entities in the humans. It's a pretty cool trick and works like a charm. I see past the humans and leave them alone. I go for the puppet master.

The ones that we are currently working on are the main controllers. I realized that picking minions off people was not going to get the job done and these are the ones that have no plug-in for human emotions. But I was assigning emotions to them. It was almost a fatal mistake on my part. And I think that is why I was spared a couple of times.

Guides were like, really? Dawn, you’re not getting it. Use love of yourself to protect, have mercy for those in pain and compassion for those deserving. All others have made their choice.

And when I go into a "job" of clearing out tunnels or clearing the Vatican or clearing heavily charged negative places, I never pick a fight with the demons there. We go in and change the energy. We find the spell and its charm and undo it. If we are attacked, we defend, but not until. Usually the entities there leave because they have been forced by magic to serve. But anything that squats and hisses gets run over.

Demon Family Structures and Bloodlines

Newly aware that certain bloodline families on earth are related to specific demons, some even leaving an empty chair at the dinner table for their beloved Satan, Dawn’s reference to the family of the succubus prompted me to enquire if all demons have families:

Succubi do have a "family" structure and bloodlines. They are half human and half demon. They are born and bred for abilities in the structure. Sort of like the royal families. They are valued only for their gifts and how well they perform their duties. And they have a strict hierarchy.

Some succubi are cast out and roam around on their own if they are not up to par. Usually, those take on incubus (male demon) for protection and as a slave, but they are forbidden to breed. If they breed without "family" approval, the child demon is killed, if and when it's discovered. The succubus and incubus that created the "child" without permission, will also be destroyed. Before a child is conceived, many rituals are performed to assure good stock and ultimate control. Every once in a while, one slips through the cracks but renegades are are never spared if caught.

How Do You Ensure A Safe Return to 3D?

I have a lady that is my ground wire. When I go into the astral, sometimes I go so far out to gather info and work, that finding my way back would be very hard. Some go insane if they don't have a grounding person that knows their limits. We have been working together for about 25 years. She is the best! I can fly and know that I will be brought back into 3 D without too much trouble. Guides give us suggestions as to where to go to be most effective and if we get stumped, they offer solutions.

Letting people know about this realm is so important because so much information about this line of work has been destroyed. Thanks so much for taking the time and interest.

In closing, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the unseen and unknown courageous spiritual warriors out there whose vital work continues to bring more truth and light to our world every day.

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