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The Importance of Proper Tutoring for Mediumship Development

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With the sad decline in mediumship development and overall standards of mediumship, the most important aspect is the proficiency of a development teacher. This all important aspect cannot be emphasized enough. Not all great mediums make good teachers. Not all good teachers are great mediums. It is not good enough to study aspects of mediumship, throw that together with a few years experience and decide that you are able to teach to a sufficient level. Having knowledge and being able to pass it on are not necessarily the same thing.

Mediumship Development Business

Training has become big business. From spirit's point of view it was never meant to be that way. The lyceum was originally a school that taught normal subjects but was highly spiritually orientated. It was a spiritualist school. The best teachers, of course, have many years experience but perform the same work involved in demonstrating to audiences, or private readings.

The teacher should have a direct link with the student and also be linked with their own guides, the students guides, and those who are communicating with the students to give evidence. A good tutor will also be able to see how the information is given by the communicator and received by the student, and how the student interprets it.

Everyone's mind works differently and in consequence, we have foibles, quirks and ways of weaving information together that is very personal. We have personal experiences and prejudices that color how we may put together this information. We can be trained to accept certain kinds of information; for example, some people may be good with names. This can be utilized by the guides and communicators. In this way of working, a student will have the tendency to remember and convey names accurately. We all have the “five senses” and the additional “sixth sense”. When we work all of these together, they are greatly enhanced.

A good tutor will have strong recognition of these senses and the intricate web of communication, not only within themselves but also of the student. Commonly in a development circle of ten people, I would communicate in the way described above and this would entail not just the physicality of the people, but their guides and their communicators. In total, there would be twenty to thirty people that would need to be watched and worked with.

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Why A Development Circle Always Needs Protection

Guides also have to learn to be guides. Very often in circles, there are many in spirit who have a direct or indirect interest in the proceedings. Spirit time and space is quite different to ours. As an example, in a ten by ten room there can be more than twenty-thousand spirits collectively. It is the job of the tutor to scan and be aware of what is going on. This is a sore subject for many, but there are those in spirit who are negative and also trying to learn, but with a different agenda.

Within a circle, it is or should, be always protected. That does not stop negative entities outside the protected area from taking an interest. Protection is of the greatest importance. Some tutors and institutions that teach mediumship seem to have no belief in negative or injurious spirits. To me, it is beyond belief and against all common sense. Just look around at the different kinds of people in the world today. As a species we are all different, and some of course, are extremely violent. Why would those who transition to spirit suddenly become completely changed, dare I say it into an angel? What would be the Earth lessons if our experiences and bad intentions were transformed into nothingness; irrelevant? There would be no point at all in our experiences here. It would all amount to nothing.

We may understand that we have (close to) eight billion people here on Earth. There are so many uncountable in spirit. New souls are being created all the time. We have to understand that not everyone in spirit who makes contact has the best intentions and a good tutor will have knowledge and some experience in dealing with this kind of thing. To have experience is to have power, not the egotistical side of this but the understanding to bring light, to ask for protection, to bring out the best in all, whatever their gifts.

The Decline In Accurate Mediumship

However many may sit in a circle, it should always be an individual experience. Tutoring, and learning are not a “one cap fits all” situation. Sadly, some institutions do not adhere to this, which has given rise to the decline in good, accurate mediums. All is known in spirit; there is no time as we know it. In spirit, there is only a point when something is correct, will happen. A consequence of this is that that everything is known whether it is past, present or future.

Predictions In Mediumship

This brings up an interesting question. Predictions are somehow the domain of 'psychics'. Predictions are common and indeed asked for with certain types of readings; for example, Tarot. Why is this not acceptable, apparently, from mediums? The difference between psychics and mediums is that the information comes from different sources. With psychics (all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums) it is an awareness and reading of the energies around and within a person, object, etc. With mediums information is given from spirit directly. It is actually quite different and because of the expanse of knowledge on every single subject and experience ever known, there is a lot of information that can be tapped into depending on personal interest and a combination of gift, and experience.

Consequently, I believe in prediction. Not just because it is a routine thing in all readings and demonstrations but because skeptics/cynics all believe that we 'cold read'. That of course is incorrect, but, can you ever cold read a future event? It is something that skeptics cannot ignore.

Progressing On Our Spiritual Path

There are far too many techniques to go through here, but it can all be taught. Many who begin to develop get predictions, sometimes not so nice. It is spirit's way of giving us personal proof and underlining the fact that anything is possible. To progress the world on a quiet, more positive and spiritual path we need knowledge of what can be achieved and understood. Once we begin to understand our true potential, we can make great changes.

Many people of a spiritual or religious nature believe in the other side of life. In fact, of the eight billion, there may be a billion who are atheist in some way and only a few million who are skeptic…a mere fraction. The proper tutoring of developing people will create a whole new world of awareness that so many have already experienced. It is much more common now to hear of genuine near death experiences, etc. People no longer hide for fear of ridicule. Billions are open to it, many have experienced it and the sense that this is all real, permeates. Full connection to spirit is our birthright;as is proper understanding and respect to gain a fuller understanding of it.

I have been privileged to be aware of spirit since the age of two. I am close now to sixty-two years of age and I am blessed to have close to sixty years of experience. I want to leave you with an interesting set of photos. I am with my sister in one of them. I was almost nine years old at the time. I was born in nineteen fifty-seven. I leave the rest up to you to figure out.

Myself and sister
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