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What You Need to Know About Energy Vampires

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Energy vampires wander among us but most of the time, we are unaware of them. So, how can we tell them apart? And more importantly, how do we protect ourselves from energy vampires?

Identifying Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are usually extremely friendly, meaning most people draw to them. So, they can come across as being very popular and have lots of friends. However, as you get to know them, you will notice that people quickly change towards the energy vampire. You will see people trying to avoid them or looking worn out once they spend time with them. People who aggravate you may also be energy vampires.

Their biggest target are introverts, who have little or few friends around them. The energy vampire can sense their inability to set boundaries. They can also sense weakness, and those who try to avoid conflict or want to get on with everyone, are also targets.

How Do You Get Rid Of An Energy Vampire?

Unfortunately, there is no one simple solution but some of the following suggestions may work; however, you must be ready to use your energy against the energy vampire.

Block out energy vampires

While blocking them out sounds quite extreme, it may be the best solution, depending on how much they attack your energy.

energy vampires

Create your own energy shield

We are all energy sources and can use our own energy to build shields around us. This will help to block any attacks. If you do this daily, you will notice that energy vampires will soon leave you alone.

Please don't give in to them

Energy vampires will constantly call you, text you and turn up unannounced. Only answer the calls a few times a week and not daily. This will eventually help them realise that they are not wanted and encourage them to start looking for another energy source.

Stand your ground

Try to avoid getting involved in a long conversation with an energy vampire. Or, get into giving them advice on their vented emotional problems.

Body language awareness can help because your body language constantly emits signals about the way you feel:

  • Try to avoid eye contact with energy vampires.
  • Stand or keep moving about like you are busy. This will create a sense of urgency.

Could You Be An Energy Vampire?

energy vampire

A big clue is that people try to avoid you. They don’t respond to your emails or messages. You may constantly try to make arrangements or speak to people, but they are not responsive. Some people tend to avoid situations rather than be confronted by having to speak up in a negative form.

How To Correct he Behavior of Energy Vampires

Take control of your communication and try to send only a few messages and emails daily or weekly. If you get no response from the person, it is better to leave it a few weeks before retrying. Otherwise, you are just carrying out the behavior you need to eradicate.

Only stop past someone's house uninvited, once every so often. Some people do not like uninvited guests. If you need to speak with them or want to make amends, try to arrange it via a phone call. Ensure that you listen to their requirements and accept their answer if they don't wish to .

Why Is It Important To Recognize An Energy Vampire?

It is not always easy to recognize vampire energy in someone else or yourself. But for the sake of protecting your mental health, it is essential to be aware of the signs.

If you are constantly tired, everyday matters become overwhelming, and you struggle to achieve the tasks, it may not be apparent that energy vampires are causing your energy depletion. This is why it is advisable to use protection on an everyday basis and also set your boundaries daily.

Turning these five-minute activities into daily ones will help to alleviate the risk that energy vampires may bring to your standard of living.


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